Thursday, 8 May 2014

So you want to be a Physiotherapist?

Current undergraduate Jessica Large has kindly provided some feedback about her life as a UCLan Physiotherapy student:

"My days generally take two different forms. In university I have lectures or practical sessions to teach and develop the skills needed to become a physiotherapist. These are sometimes quite hard to get your head around, but our tutors are always there to help and the cohort makes it fun.

"All of this prepares us for the other aspect of learning which are the clinical placements. This is where things really start to click and fit into place with the everything you've learned. You develop clinical reasoning from treating patients, and I can honestly say you start to feel like a physiotherapist and not just a student by the end of it.

"Every day is different and on placement you'll see things you didn't expect to see or that fit into the physiotherapist box. You're forever learning, and this will carry on as you become qualified and drop the student title."

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