Friday, 14 March 2014

Sports Therapy Alumni Day 2014

The Division of Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy recently staged our annual Sports Therapy Alumni Day.

Undergraduates were treated to a variety of guest speakers from The Society of Sports Therapists and UCLan's Careers and Employability service.

Four of the Division's Alumni also came along to share their experiences since graduating.

Lewis Hiney, Jill Alexander, Kristian Weaver and Graham Theobold delivered presentations detailing their journey from undergraduate study into the world at large.

Division Leader Karen May was delighted with the event: "It's a really important day for our students to have an input from people from different backgrounds.

"People come in with the idea they want to be a Sports Therapist for Manchester United, but not everyone ends up working in professional sport.

"This event is about broadening horizons and having a look at what else is out there and getting different ideas of ways they can use their degree, both within UCLan at postgraduate level and also in the industry as a whole."

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