Friday, 20 March 2015

Student develops crisis support app

A UCLan PaST undergraduate has developed a mobile phone app which he hopes will help save lives.

Third year Physiotherapy student Patrick Shaughnessy has created TrustTalk24/7, a free app which provides help to anyone in suicide crisis or for people who are worried about a deterioration in their own mental health or of their loved ones.

Patrick came up with the idea for the app a year ago, having lost a cousin and friends to suicide. TrustTalk24/7 is split into three sections – LetsTalk, WhySoSilent and MindMyMind24/7.

LetsTalk is aimed at people in suicide crisis and who need to speak to an Accredited Counsellor immediately.

By pressing a call button on the app, a person is directly connected free of charge to a Counsellor at any time of the day when they feel the need for it.

WhySoSilent asks the user questions if they are worried about themselves or someone else. The questions relate to suicide, depression and anxiety, and will relay the relevant information or call options to the user depending on their answers.

MindMyMind24/7 delivers daily inspirational messages to the user so they can relate these to their lives and motivate themselves or someone else.

The Republic of Ireland's National Suicide Charity, Console, gave Patrick their support during the product development process and will be contactable via the app, along with The Samaritans, Aware and Bodywhys.

TrustTalk24/7 is set to be launched in Ireland during the next few weeks.

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