Friday, 25 April 2014

Elite dreams for Kristian

UCLan Sports Therapy Alumni Kristian Weaver dreams of working with athletes at the highest possible level.

The 2009 graduate spent the majority of his time at UCLan gaining as much industry experience as he could in order to achieve that dream.

Kristian recently took part in the UCLan Sports Therapy Alumni Day to share his experiences with current undergraduates.

"I loved being at UCLan, but made sure I gave up as much of my time as I could to create contacts which prove useful in the future," said Kristian.

"I worked with a professional basketball team in Liverpool before securing a role at Everton FC Academy. I also worked with a Women's Rugby team and after graduating I secured a travel scholarship to work in Canada. I had some amazing experiences working in American Football and Ice Hockey in front of some really big crowds."

After returning to the UK Kristian resumed his role at Everton, while also gaining a one-year contract at a Birmingham school where he looked after 20 national and international athletes. The project, run by the Society of Sports Therapists and Youth Sport Trust, was eventually extended to three years and although funding finally ended the school still use Kristian's services.

Kristian has also worked with talented gymnasts, assisted teachers in PE & dance and expanded his football experience with Birmingham City FC Academy. After returning to the Wirral, Kristian decided to undertake a Master's and has secured a role as an Associate Lecturer at UCLan.

He has also established his own business – Kristian Weaver Sports Performance – and recently travelled back to Canada to work with the England U14 ice hockey team. Kristian says students looking to progress in the industry should concentrate on making their own opportunities.

Kristian added: "Don't let anything pass you by. When you first start off you'll do a lot of voluntary roles and shifts that no-one else wants to do. Make sure you build a working relationship with the people you treat and communicate with them. Ask lots of questions and you won't go far wrong."

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