Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Allied Health team secure research funding

Staff from the Allied Health Research Unit are set to launch a new study project at Baskent University, Turkey.

Professor James Selfe and Dr Jessie Janssen have already conducted a UK study into the various different kinds of Patellofemoral Pain (PFP) which is a type of knee pain.

It is currently unclear what precise mechanisms cause discomfort in the knee, with recent research suggesting there are many different types of knee cap problems.

Their work with physiotherapy clinics to explore what combination of tests and questions can help to differentiate between different types of pain will help the researchers to develop better and more specific treatment.

Through £1,600 of Erasmus funding, Professor Selfe and Dr Janssen will train a team of physiotherapists in Turkey to carry out an intervention study to build on their existing UK project.

Professor Selfe said: "Our work in Turkey will allow us to assess outcome in subgroups of PFP patients and build on our previous UK-based feasibility study, where we were able to identify three separate sub-groups of patients who may require different types of treatment to each other."

In the last decade, musculoskeletal disorders have increased to become the greatest cause of disability among EU member states and are the second greatest cause of disability worldwide. PFP is a specific musculoskeletal disorder that can cause significant pain leading to limitations in societal participation and physical activity and is a condition commonly referred for physiotherapy.

It's anticipated the study will take around 18 months to complete, with results being published in 2016 or 2017.

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