Wednesday, 27 May 2015

New support network for researchers launched

Dr Hazel Roddam presented a workshop at the 9th CPLOL Congress of Speech and Language Therapists to launch a unique EU-wide peer support network for the profession.

The purpose of the scheme is to support research capacity building, as a key priority action for embedding evidence-based practice and helping experienced clinicians contribute to the professional evidence base.

The new network will be led by Dr Roddam, assisted by Mette Thomsen from the University of Copenhagen and UCLan PhD student Gina Carey.

This will be a two-tier peer mentoring scheme - the network leaders will mentor contacts in each country, who will then provide research skills mentorship to clinical practitioners.

Dr Roddam commented: "We were delighted that 25 individual participants from 18 countries all signed up to participate in this initiative. An initial report will be presented to CPLOL and a paper submitted for publication in the leading international peer-reviewed professional journal."

Dr Roddam is pictured above with Professor Maria Vlassopoulou from University of Athens Medical School, who is CPLOL's Vice-President for Professional Education.

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