Monday, 8 August 2016


UCLan Sports Therapy Students Feedback On Their Experiences At Event Massage 

Following a busy weekend at the UK Ironman and Preston Strongman events, our Sports Therapy students had a chance to reflect on their experience;

 “I found this event to be a great learning experience, as I was able to provide massages for competitors with a unique physique. Throughout the day I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hopefully I can take part in future/ upcoming events”.    

“I enjoyed being able to provide massage at the Preston strongman event as it allowed me to work with different body types and use a range of massage techniques as well as adapting them to each person. It gave me an insight into how massage can change depending on the person and the event they are taking part in. For example, the time in which to do the massage the speed and depth of the massage. By working with the third years they were able to show me techniques I wasn’t too confident on and were able to explain about which were better for different muscle types. The day overall was great as it was a new experience and first massage event”.

“The Ironman event in Bolton was a fantastic experience. From the organisers and athletes down to the security personnel everyone was really helpful and great. This was my first event which I covered and I would certainly do it again. The athletes were really wonderful, being really polite and talkative. The massage experience was also good, it was a bit tiring but that was all part of the experience, hopefully with being at more events it's something I’ll get used too. There were athletes from all over the world and that gives you more of an experience. Being a part of the ironman was a privilege. Overall the event was a success and hopefully I can be a part of that again”.

“I would like to say a massive thank you to the organisers for allowing this type of opportunity to be presented to us as students. I found the event had a different type of feeling to it because of the amount of athletes who needed treating. Working with these types of athletes, at such high pace really benefited my timing skills & pushed me physically. The athletes were lovely people which made it so much more enjoyable because they showed an interest in us as people and students. I will be trying to push to do it again next year”

The staff would like to congratulate the students who attended these events, as their professionalism was outstanding throughout the long and tiring weekend!

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